ALL – a physical poem of protest

An international community performance where a mass of local people of different ages, backgrouds and appearances meet.

ALL – a physical poem of protest investigates the individual and shared agency of choreography in the social, political and artistic spaces. An epic community performance that considers the force of the protesting body, the human mass through the meditative action of walking and running in circles.

The poem consists of a mass of different local people of different ages, backgrounds and appearances. They meet three days prior to the performance to rehearse this realtime negotiations of differences.

Mia Habib is an Oslo-based dancer, performer and choreographer working at the intersection of performance, exhibitions, publications, lectures, teaching, mentoring and curating always guided by a choreographic logic. Her work is described to hold a culture critical perspective on body, identity, society and dance. She engages in labs and research with a variety of specialists including artists, scientists, political activists and others.

Choreographed by Mia Habib
MHP dancers: Cecilie Lindeman Steen and Linn Ragnarsson
Light design: Ingeborg Olerud
Producer & General Manager: Elisabeth Gmeiner
Producer and International Relation Manager: Siri Leonardsen
Supported by Arts Council Norway

In collaboration with MHP: Cecilie Lindeman Steen & Linn Ragnarsson, Jyväskylä’s local dance community and Central Finland Center of Dance, Dance Company Off/Balance, The City of Light (Jyväskylä), Gradia – music and dance, Jyväskylä Dance School (Jyväskylän tanssiopisto)

Photos: M. Korbel

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