Wormie is an exciting dance theatrical performance about a threat of an
environmental catastrophe and the importance of clean water.

The story tells about a brave little Worm Wormie. Wormie goes on a quest looking
for water to save her friend Flower who is in danger of fading. As her helpers she
has Bunny and Obelix the Chicken and together they come up with the most
extraordinary ways to find water. In the midst of the adventure they encounter also
dangerous situations facing the wild Polluter.

The performance is filled with fun and compelling scenes, joyful music with a
reference on modern Finnish folk music and high-quality and expressive
contemporary dancing.

“I’ll recommend this to all my friends with families.”

”The dancers were skillful. Wonderful, that professionals delve into children’s

performance with such intensity.”
Audience feedback


After the performance, students can participate in a workshop dealing with the themes of the performance in groups. In the workshop, children get to create their own fairy tale or superhero character and get to know the world of the characters in the work through physical tasks, testing their skills on a fast-paced trick course and learning fun and easy dance moves.


Choreographers: Elina Häyrynen, Terhi Kuokkanen and Jukka Tarvainen
Dancers: Elina Häyrynen, Terhi Kuokkanen ant Jukka Tarvainen
Sound designer and composer: Ville Ojanen
Costume designer: Maija Hietala
Scenographer: Jussi Niemelä
Workshop instructors: Elina Häyrynen, Terhi Kuokkanen and Jukka Tarvainen
Production: Off/Balance and Dance Center of Central Finland
Funding: Jyväskylä’s Art and Science Foundation, Dance Center of Central Finland,
City of Jyväskylä and Arts Council of Central Finland
Duration: 25 min
Premiere: 12.12.2013, Children’s Fun -event, Jyväskylä
Age group: 3-years and older

Photos: Matti Häyrynen

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