“We live dance and art with devotion and passion and without fear. We want to surprise and to be surprised."

Our repertoire consists of skillful and surprising contemporary dance works. The works convey an unprejudiced movement through the connecting surfaces of art forms and versatile content produced with professional skill.

would you like to support us through partnership, donations or as a friend of dance art?

Substantial artistic impact and visibility are the ambitions of Off/Balance. The fresh vision of making art and the professionally created public image have helped Off/Balance to gain general interest rapidly. However, funding for the arts is scarce. In the art of dance, funding consists of public support, income from own sales and grants from foundations. 

We are interested in partnerships, sponsorship and donor support. If your goal is an attractive brand, supporting art and joint projects will create added value for your image. The values of Off/Balance – responsibility, relevance, quality and interaction – guarantee a reliable partnership. Together we can create even more joy and experiences to the world. So get in touch with us and we’ll come up with a cooperation model that suits you the best! Thank you.