”Lopputulos on paljon kiinnostavampi kuin viime vuosina näkemäni improvisaatioteatteriryhmien esitykset. – – – Konseptista on tullut varsin suosittu, eikä ihme.” HELSINGIN SANOMAT

“The end result is far more interesting than any performances I’ve seen from

theatre impro companies’ in recent years.

– – –

The concept has become rather popular and no wonder.”


Wanna see a ridiculous dance solo? Or three political snakes dancing? In Hutiklubi
you get to decide the frames for the scenes. Just yell out your deepest wishes to
the four dancers and a musician, and see it come dancing true!
Hutiklubi is the first in the world to combine contemporary dance, theatre
improvisation and music improvisation. The performance consists of short dance
scenes that are created with the audience who provides themes, styles and
qualities for the performers. Thus the audience gets to influence the continuum of the show.

Together with the performance-wise visitors (actors, dancers, musicians) the piece
has already mesmerized thousands of spectators around Finland. Hutiklubi is Off/Balance’s most performed piece and it has been seen in theater spaces, at several domestic dance festivals, outdoor events and school tours already more than 60 times.

Hutilkubi’s performance and improvisation workshops have been in demand as part of cultural education content in schools, and Hutiklub’s school tours have been carried out in Jyväskylä and Central Finland seven times between 2016 and 2021.

“How does the same dance fit so many elements: sensitivity, humor, explosive primal power, yearning… Ah!”

“I cannot remember when had I laughed this much in a contemporary dance performance.”


Choreographer: Jukka Tarvainen
Dancers: Elina Häyrynen, Jaakko Nieminen, Katja Sallinen and Jukka Tarvainen
Musician: Lauri Kallio
Production: Off/Balance
Funding: Arts Promotion Centre Finland, Dance Center of Central Finland, City of
Jyväskylä and Arts Council of Central Finland
Premiere: 8.7.2015, Jyväskylä Summer Festival, Jyväskylä
Duration: 30-40 min.

Photos: Matti Häyrynen and Jaakko Nieminen

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