On The Quiet

Rehellinen ja toiveikas esitys elonkirjon köyhtymisestä

An honest and hopeful presentation about the impoverishment of the spectrum of nature

Premiere on 30 September 2021 on the small stage of the Jyväskylä City Theatre

Guest performances at Turku’s Manilla theater in January 2023

On The Quiet is arresting and sensitizing, and does not compromise its artistic level.

Newspaper Keskisuomalainen, Maija-Liisa Westman 1 October 2021

On The Quiet is an extraordinary piece: on stage a docent of nature conservation biology, professional dancers and modern choir meet each other. Singing that touches the heart, powerful movement and nature conservation biologist’s speech shakes and excites the viewer. What is Your role in this change?

On The Quiet deals with the biodiversity crisis, the earth’s sixth extinction wave in history. Species are disappearing quietly, and the awareness of it feels overwhelming. Nature is beautiful, important –
by changing our operating methods, protecting and restoring nature, we can slow down the disappearance of nature around us. Honest but a hopeful performance that delights, horrifies and inspires.

The performance is a joint production by Dance Company Off/Balance, University of Jyväskylä’s Lost Nature project and Jyväskylä City Theatre, which is implemented in cooperation with the Ruamjai choir.

“On The Quiet is a subtle, serious speech for the preservation of the ecosystem and our entire sphere. At the same time, it is a mesmerizingly beautiful and balanced overall work of art, with not a single drop of silly experientialism. – – – The show does not compromise on its artistic level, and the spectrum of genres on the stage – dance, music and science talk – engage in a harmonious dialogue as equals.”

Newspaper Keskisuomalainen, Maija-Liisa Westman 1.10.2021

“On The Quiet is the seemingly endless list of endangered species – and this list only covers Finland. – – – On The Quiet is an expert’s frank speech about the state of nature, the disappearance of species, the importance of nature conservation, cheating in nature conservation. It is covering of the voice of the truth teller under the needs of industry and economy. – – – In On The Quiet there is a feeling of threat, fear, almost rage for nature. However, it is also hope and light, solutions and love for nature.”

Eturivin kuningatar blog, 6.10.2021

“The performance was really impressive. The show made me think that we need to start protecting nature more.”

“All the emotions. Words are not enough. An incredible, wonderful, mind-blowing experience. Everyone should see this.”

“Great performance! Great, impressive. Raised a lot of thoughts that will have to be thought about for a long time.”

“Thank you! This story needs to be told.”

“I feel like crying terribly, but for a good reason.”

“At first it was scary, but at the end I felt hopeful. The show itself is impressive.”

“The show helped me realize how many different species there really are in nature.”

Public comments about the work

Concept and choreography: Satu Tuittila
Dancers: Anne-Maarit Kinnunen ja Riikka Puumalainen (Off/Balance), Janne Kilpiö (Turku)
Research and performance: Panu Halme (associate professor of nature conservation biology)
Choir leading: Kirsi Kaunismäki-Suhonen
Choir members: Ruamjai Choir members featuring Soul Valpio
Sound design: Mikko Väärälä (musician)
Costume design: Jaana Kurttila
Light design: Jonna Rautala (Jyväskylä City Theatre)
Production work: Satu Tuittila together with Terhi Kuokkanen and Laura Suonperä (Off/Balance)
Science communication and events: Ilona Laine
Dissertation researcher: Anna-Kaisa Tupala (Lost Nature Project, Jyväskylä University)
The realization of the work has been supported by: Kone Foundation, Art Promotion Center Finland, North Savonia Art Promotion Center Finland, City of Jyväskylä and The Central Finland Finnish Cultural Foundation.

On The Quiet Trailer: On The Quiet Trailer on Vimeo

Multi-camera photography and editing: Teemu Kyytinen

Premiere on 30 September 2021, Jyväskylä City Theatre, small stage
Thu 30.9. premiere at 6 p.m
Sat 2.10. at 1 pm + science cafe
Wed 6.10. at 6 p.m. + science cafe
Thursday 7.10. at 5 p.m. (sold out)
friday 8.10. at 6 p.m. + science after party
Duration: 1h 15min

Note! Due to the Covid situation, the performances in Turku have been postponed from spring 2022 to spring 2023!

Performance times in Turku in spring 2023:

Fri 20.1. at 19:00 + Science-art date after the show in the lobby of the theater
Sat 21.1. at 16:00 + Science-art date after the show in the lobby of the theater

At science-art dates, you can get to know Finland’s endangered species and discuss the performance with the work group. How were endangered organisms transformed into a movement and which species will be seen on stage? What kind of text would you create about the theme of the show? You are warmly welcome!

On The Quiet Science cafes
After the performances on 2.10. and 6.10. of On The Quiet, functional science cafes are organized in the theater’s audience area, where the audience has the opportunity to talk with the project’s researchers and artists while enjoying a glass of drink or a snack. In the café, for example, you can find out what lies in the background of the work’s dance, which species have inspired the movement language, and how artists and researchers have worked together on the work. Come and get to know Finland’s endangered species and try your skills as an interpreter of their movements!

On The Quiet – science after party (CANCELLED due to the covid situation)
After the last performance on Friday 8.10. On The Quiet work group moves to the restaurant Sohwi for further studies. The public is welcome to join in the continuation to think about different ways of saving our planet.

Note! Update 7 October 2021. After the last show, instead of the science after party, an artist meeting is organized on the small stage of the City Theatre, where the audience has the opportunity to meet the performers and authors of the work.

On The Quiet photo: Ilona Laine (dragonfly) Matti Häyrynen (dancer). Graphic designer: Hanna Salomäki.

Photos of the performance: Matti Häyrynen

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