For You

Dancefilm For You

At the end of December 2020, Off/Balance and Panu Varstala released the video work For You, which was made to replace the canceled performance at Off/Balance’s 10th anniversary. The multi-art party script ordered from Varstala was supposed to be performed at the Time of Dance festival at the Sep/Dance20 club event.

In the piece For You, dance artists Ville Oinonen, Eleni Pierides, Jaakko Nieminen, Antti Lahti and Anni Rissanen dance based on Varstala’s assignment, their own memory of working with Off/Balance, and answer the question; what is important in your life at the moment and how does it resonate with your artistic activity?

You can watch the piece For You from the Vimeo account of Dance Company Off/Balance:

Concept and director: Panu Varstala

Ville Oinonen, dance
Eleni Pierides, dance and text
Jaakko Nieminen, dance and text
Tatu Kemppainen, video and music & Antti Lahti dance & Richard Stanley sound & Panu Varstala text
Anni Rissanen, dance and text

Photos: Ville Oinonen

Music: Tero Tuovinen & Panu Varstala

Drums: Hannu Risku

Text and lyrics: Panu Varstala

Singing: Elsa Risku

Audio post-processing: Robert Palomäki

Compilation of videos: Teemu Kyytinen

Production: Off/Balance

The production of the piece has been supported by: The Center for the Promotion of the Arts, the Ministry of Education and Culture, the Central Finland Fund of the Finnish Cultural Fund, the Central Finland Dance Center and the City of Jyväskylä

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