Bubbles Party

maaginen, rituaalinomainen ja yhteisöllinen esityksen, konsertin sekä juhlien välimaastossa syntyvä monitaiteellinen tapahtuma

Bubbles Party is a magical, ritual-like and communal multi-art event born in the middle of a performance, concert and party. In a long-term event, the working group takes over the entire performance space and the audience can experience the ever-changing performance on their own accord. In the summer of 2022, Bubbles Party will be seen at the Jyväskylä Summer Festival in Villa Rana and Järvenpäätalo. Bubbles Party starts as a performance event suitable for all ages, continues more aimed at adults and turns into a late-night party. You can come, move freely, go and come again. Welcome to hang out, experience and step into a new era!

Previously in Hanko three different years, the performance event, which was perceived as new each time, is realized in Jyväskylä Summer Festival in cooperation with the Bubbles Party working group, the Dance group Off/Balance and the contemporary circus group Agit-Cirk. The overall designers of the event are sound designer Tuomas Norvio and choreographer Sari Palmgren. The over ten performers include Elina Häyrynen (Off/Balance), Terhi Kuokkanen (Off/Balance), Satu Rekola, Sari Palmgren, Anni Rissanen, Johanna Ikola, Jukka Peltola, Jenni Lehtinen (Agit-Cirk), Sasu Peistola (Agit-Cirk ), Marjo Ylikorva / Vilhelmiina Sinervo (Agit-Cirk) and Sakari Männistö (Agit-Cirk). Joonas Tikkanen is responsible for space planning. In addition to Tuomas Norvio, the musicians are accordion artist Kimmo Pohjonen and percussionist Juuso Hannukainen.

Premiere: sat 9.7.2022 at 17:00-23:00, informal parties from 23:00
Jyväskylä Summer Festival, Cultural Centre Villa Rana, Jyväskylä Age limits: from 17:00 to 19:00 no age limit, from 19:00 age limit 18 years

Other performances: sat 20.8.2022 Järvenpäätalo, Järvenpää

Composition of the performing group: Conveners: Tuomas Norvio and Sari Palmgren Sound designer: Tuomas Norvio  Space designer: Joonas Tikkanen Performers: Elina Häyrynen, Johanna Ikola, Terhi Kuokkanen, Sari Palmgren, Jukka Peltola, Satu Rekola, Anni Rissanen, Jenni Lehtinen, Sasu Peistola, Marjo Ylikorva / Vilhelmiina Sinervo and Sakari Männistö Musicians: Juuso Hannukainen, Tuomas Norvio and Kimmo Pohjonen Production: Sari Palmgren, Tuomas Norvio, Dance Company Off/Balance and Agit-Cirk

The realization of the work has been supported by: The Art Promotion Center, the City of Jyväskylä and the Uusimaa Provincial Fund of the Finnish Cultural Foundation

Photo from the beach: Tomi Parkkonen

Photos: Matti Häyrynen

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