Symphony on the Move feat. Off/Balance: Symphony

Choreographer/dancers: Elina Häyrynen and Jukka Tarvainen
Flute: Paulo Ghiglia
Flute: Esa-Veli Riuttamäki
Viola: Dmitri Vasilevsky

Jyväskylä Symphony’s spring ensemble On the Move is accompanied by Off/Balance. On the Move features performances by the orchestra’s musicians in small ensembles across the city, and Off/Balance brings dance and movement to parts of the performances.

All Symphony on the Move feat. Off/Balance events are free of admission and public. Each performance lasts about 20 minutes.

If you can’t make it to the events, you should follow the orchestra’s social channels diligently; performances in many places are streamed live, for example on Facebook!

Additional information: Symphony on the Move

Photos: Antti Lähdesmäki

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